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Avalon 28 Replacement Lamp Kit

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28 Sun Express "Reflector" Tanning Lamps
     >17 Minute Max Tan Time / 100 watt / 1,000 Hr Lamp Life< 

    8) Face/Arm/Body Lamps & ESB "SWIRL" Pink & Blue Technology

  10) Face /Body Lamps & ESB "SWIRL" Pink & Blue Technology 
  10) Full Body Tanning
Blue Lamps & ESB Built-In Lamp Reflectors

As compared to a regular tanning lamp.....
ESB  (SWIRL-Pink/Blue) Tanning Lamp Technology: 30% More POWER
ESB Built-in Tanning Lamp Reflectors: 50% More POWER
Please don't make the mistake & buy a cheap tanning lamp...
You will be sorry!

After all the tanning lamp is the most important part of your tanning bed.  

st give us a call today...we can help: 1-800-208-6369


For Replacement Instructions, Technical Assistance, Troubleshooting or Repair advice for your ESB Tanning Bed

Please call 888-610-0922 or email ESBtansTechSupport@esbtans.com  Live help available Mon-Fri 9-4:00 and Sat. 10-4 C.S.T.