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Dare to Compare

We will do our best to help you become very comfortable and better educated when selecting the right ESB home tanning bed, or booth that fits both your lifestyle and budget!

ESB Tanning Bed Innovations & Standard Features

  • Only ESB offers built-in lamp reflectors creating 50-70% more power 
  • Our unique Pink/Blue - Face/Arm Dual Tanning Lamps provide 20% greater results
  • Powerful Sun Express "SWIRL" 17-minuteReflector lamps for a deep dark tan
  • Advantage PWR III 15-min DualFace/Arm RFL Bronzing Lamps...for golden bronzing
  • ESB created the 1st red light Therapy facial system in a Bronzing Tanning Bed.  
  • Renew Plus red light therapy collagen lamps, for a brand new you
  • Ultra-gloss reflectors maximize your tanning results
  • Our superior design and shape insure an all-around even tan
  • Premium acrylics optimize UV output
  • Unique Cooling System delivers head-to-toe oveall tanning comfort
  • Our Electronic RT ballast technology increases tanning lamp power, life,supper efficient, and low EMFs
  • Best selection, value, dependability and warranty for in Home Tanning Systems

No Other Tanning Bed Brand Offers The Power, Performance, And Unique Features & Benefits... Like ESB Tanning Systems!

  • Select From 10/15/17/20 min. Mx Times
  • Reflector, RFL, Lamps Ceating 50% Mre Pwer
  • "SWIRL" design Pink & Blue Face / Arm Lamps
  • Face / Arm (Pink & Blue) > Tanners
  • Face / Arm (Pink & Blue) > Bronzers
  • Red Light Collagen Renew Plus Facial Lamps
  • High Gloss Lamp Reflectors
  • Get Healthy Vitamin D Producing UVB Light
  • Ultra Clear Acrylics
  • Body Cooling Systems
  • Turbo Cooling Fans
  • Back Up Timers
  • Digital Keyless Timers
  • Electronic Ballast Low EMF
  • High Efficiency Green Energy
  • Quiet Comfortable Trouble Free