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Green Energy

ESB "Green Energy" is the most Energy Efficient Home Tanning Bed Systems Availble Today! 

Why? Over 10 years ago, all ESB Tanning Bed Equipment was designed to eaisly plug into 120 volt household outlet. And ESBtans is the ....ONLY.... home tanning bed manufacturer using a unique "Green Energy" Technology in ...EVERY ESB home tanning bed, tanning booth or stand up tanning system!

$ ESB "Green Energy" Saving Facts $

  • Saves you money today and tomorrow

  • Cost just a few pennies...per session

  • Used up to 40% less...electricity than any other brand tanning beds or tanning booths

  • You enjoy more tanning sessions

  • Up to 20% longer tanning lamp life

  • Generates est. 25% less heat than the competition

  • Fastest return on investment as compared to any other home tanning bed systems 

  • Simply the best overall home tanning experience