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Timeless Beauty 20 Red Visible Light Collagen Bed

RVL, Red Visible Light Bed
Lamp Type:
20 Collagen RVL Lamps
Full Body Lamps :
Length 6ft x Diameter 1.5 in
Total Power:
2000 Watts RVL, Red Visible Light
Timer - Digital: 15 minute:
Delayed Start / 2 Wake Up Alarms / Hr Counter / Safety Lock
H 37 x W 32 x L 76
Electrical :
120 volts / 20 amps
Financing Available:
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  • UV Free - 20 Red Light Therapy Lamps: 2,000 Watts Total Power: 15 min session time! Relax & Renew for a Brand New You!
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UV Free - Red Visbile Light, RVL - Therapy: Renew, Refresh and Rejuvenate!

Red Visibe Light, RVL, helps to naturally stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and other proteins essential for youthful healthy skin. Unfortunately as we age due to many factors like genetics, diet, lifestyle, and environment our our skin no longer is able to produce enough collagen and elastin to help maintain healthy youthful looking appearance.

Many studies on Red Visible Light Therapy, or RVLT, report a delay in the skin’s aging process by minimizing troublesome fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the eye and mouth areas. Aging is inevitable and it is normal for skin, especially within the facial, neck and upper chest areas, to lose its color and luster as wrinkles and sags appear and dry patches develop.

Red Visbile Light Therapy is becoming more and more popular as a potential method of natural, non-invasive skin treatment.

Red visible light reseach has shown these potential benefits

  • Smoother Softer Skin
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin tone
  • Softer youthful skin
  • Minimizing the appearance of overall redness and flushing
  • Diminishes blemishes and reduces the overall effects of aging

About 5 years, ESB was the first tanning bed manufacture in the world to introduce RVL Therapy in our Timeless Beauty 26 Trio Bronzing Bed. This one of a kind unique bed offering Bronzing, Red Light and UVB / Vitamin D quickly became our 2nd most popular unit. The Timeless Beauty Trio offers RVL Therapy specifically for face, neck and upper chest areas. 

Due to the feeback, testominals and ongoing RVL research ESB continued to further develope this totally new model offering RVL for the entire body. And that's what the Timeless Beauty 20 Rejuvenessence offers!

Timeless Beauty Rejuvenessence RVL Therapy Bed: Quick Specs  

  • Total Body Benefits: UV FREE - Red Visible Light
  • 20 RVL Red Visible Light - Collagen - Lamps
  • 2000 Watts Total RVL Power
  • RVL Lamp Specs: ( Length 6ft x Diameter 1.5 in ) 
  • 15 minute RVL Full Body Session Time
  • RVL Therapy Can Be Used Daily
  • ESB Green Energy - Saves You Money
  • Conveniently Plugs Into 120volt House Hold Outlet
  • Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Enjoy Your Very Own Day Spa Experience At Home With The Timeless Beauty Rejuvenessence UV Free Red Visible Light Bed!

For Additional Timeless Beauty Rejuvenessence - Red Visible Light - Benefits...  Click or Call Today 1-888-610-0922

The manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.