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Timeless Beauty 32 Bronzing Bed

Bronzing Bed - 15 minute
Bronzing Lamps:
32 Advantage Reflector PWR III
Face & Body:
12 Pink & Blue Bronzing Lamps
Face & Arm & Body:
8 Pink & Blue Bronzing Lamps
Body Lamps:
12 Blue Bronzing Lamps
Total Power:
3200 Watts
Lamp Reflectors:
High Gloss - Mirror Finish
Cooling System:
Heat to Toe - Total Comfort
H 37 x W 32 x L 76
Electrical :
120 volts / 20 amps
Financing Available:
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Timeless Beauty Bronzing Bed
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  • No other brand home tanning bed compares to the Bronzing Power of the 15 min. Timeless Beauty 32! 3,200 Total Watts Power with 20 Face & Arm Pink / Body Blue: Bronzers, 12 Body Bronzers ...and no special wiring plugs into 120volt / 20 amp outlet!
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Timeless Beauty 32 Bronzing Bed - The Most Powerful Bronzing Bed Avialable - Perfect For Your Home!

Get a beautiful golden glow anytime you want at home. And enjoy the benefits of a "true bronzing lamp". Others home tanning bed brands and even commercial tanning beds continue to try an imitate the ESB bronzing lamp. And sometimes they often simply miss inform you their tanning lamps are bronzing lamps - not true!

OK, so what's the difference tanning vs bronzing. A tanning lamp is often designed to produce similar amount of UVA & UVB light just like the Sun. yuo will tan and get Vitamin D.  An ESB bronzing lamps was created to simply offer a gentler bronzing experience. We greatly reduced the UVB ray. Sometimes referred to as the ( reddening or photaging ligh). You may have heard about European Sun Beds - which offer similar technology but not available in the SU. 

You'll like love the results from the ESB Advantage PWR III generation Bronzing Lamps! And as well ESB is the only true Bronzing lamps with combination Pink & Blue - Face and / or Arm Body Bronzers, with just a bit more power in the Pink areas where you want a little more color. Additionally like the Sun we stll left enough healthy UVB light to help produce your essential Vitamin D naturally too!

 Timeless Beauty 32 Lamp Bronzing Bed Additional Features - Check them out!  

  • 32 Advantage Pink & Blue: Face / Arm / Body Combo Bronzing Lamps
  • 1,000 hr Lamp Life Bronzing Lamps
  • Styling - Sleek and Beautiful 
  • Ultra Clear Acrylics for Perfect Bronzing 
  • Maximum Airflow - Quite Comfortable Bronzing
  • ESB Green Energy - Saves You Money
  • Safety Back Up Timer - Peace of Mind
  • Attractive Designer Pedastal
  • Bronzing Accessories: UV Eyewear, Lotions and Bed Cleaner
  • Premium Warranty - Enjoy Many Years of Unparrelled Performance
  • Conveniently Plugs Into 120 volt / 20 amp Household Outlet
  • Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA


  • 5 Year Structural Metal Components
  • 1 Year on Parts - Including: Ballast, Contactors & Timers
  • 90 Days on Acrylic
  • 90 Days on Gas Springs
  • 90 Days on Lamps & Fans
  • 90 Days on Plastics


Be Healthy, Tan at Home, Get Vitamin D...Naturally with ESB! 

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The manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.