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Used Tanning Beds

ESB offers the best selection of used tanning beds and tanning booths for home at low low prices. And now may just be the perfect time to consider a used tanning bed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Occassionally our ESBtans Authorized Retail Dealers across the US, trade in their display models for brand new tanning beds. We completely renew these slightly used tanning beds, tanning booths, stand up tanning systems or floor model tanning beds that have minor scratch or dents. 

When they arrive at ESB facility we carefully inspect and thoroughly test all ESB used tanning beds and tanning booths. Once completed each ESB used tanning system is just like new! 

With the largest number of authorized ESB home tanning bed retailers across the US, and just about every week when one of them gives us a call and informs us it’s time to upgrade their sun tanning bed retail showroom. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to shop and compare for the best used tanning bed prices since the used tanning bed market supply and demand changes so very quickly in today’s economy. 

As well as we'd like to believe we are perfect, sometimes during our production and handling process we do make a mistake. So we sometimes end up with a variety of special sun tanning beds or indoor tanning beds that are a "Little Less Than Perfect" or these used tanning beds have minor cosmetic or a surface scratch, dent or blemish. These imperfections absolutely do not affect the tanning performance and results of any ESB used tanning equipment.

 ESB has solidly built our long standing reputation by creating a tanning bed brand that has become the standard of the indoor tanning bed industry. Many other tanning bed manufactures continue to try and fail offering what appears to be somewhat similar ESB tanning bed features. But their efforts become failed attempts at copying ESBtans unique and advanced tanning, bronzing and red light therapy technology.

 Every week, all ESB used tanning beds and tanning booths come and go very quickly!

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