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Vitamin D Benefits

Healthy Benefits of Vitamin D and Tanning

Can you get vitamin D from tanning beds?

Depending on the weather, and time of year many of us are involved in some type of recreational activity during which we get experience the Sun's healthy benefits. As well we go the beach, lake or ocean, or some stay at home and enjoy our swimming pools. Or perhaps some of us just like to kick back and sunbathe. And we can’t forget that during winter many seek sunny climates perhaps for a week or two or more. 

And every year in the US alone about one third of the adult population or about 30 million make a lifestyle choice to embrace the benefits of the sun by visiting facilities offering indoor tanning. Plus millions more own or will purchase a home tanning bed. Do they know something you don’t…maybe?

Do You Think The Sun And Tanning May Not Be The Best Thing For You? ….Well, Think Again!

 Vitamin D Is Produced Naturally By The Sun and Tanning Beds

World wide research has proven and Doctors practicing both conventional and natural medicine agree: our essential Vitamin D will easily and abundantly be produced naturally by the human body when exposed to Sunlight or UVB rays. And it has been proven that the healthy uvb rays from a tanning bed, just like the sun will naturally produce Vitamin D too.

Why Then Could Over 70% of the World Population Be Vitamin D Deficient?

Research has also proven that Sunshine or UVB light is simply the most efficient method for the body to produce Vitamin D naturally in order to maintain a long and healthy life. And most experts agree all it takes is about 15-20 minutes of sunshine or healthy uvb light from a tanning bed. 

Unfortunately it is estimated that up to 70% of the world population maybe deficient in Vitamin D. And the easy solution is to enjoy a few minutes of mid day sunshine to allow you body to naturally produce Vitamin D. Unfortunately there seem to be many factors that contribute to prohibiting one from enjoying sunshine due to: occupation or lifestyle, where you live, time of year, the weather and even pollution.

Additional factors potentially contributing to Vitamin D deficiencies perhaps may be due to misinformation, sun scare news tactics, use of sunscreens, SPF lotions or general concerns about the appearance of your skin.

Enjoying Sunshine’s Health Benefits - Finding The Balance

Finding that balance so one can experience the benefits of Sunshine and essential Vitamin D is the key. The answer is really very simple - as we are faced today with many lifestyle decisions. It’s all about making the right personal choices and finding a healthy balance between sun’s positive effects and UV protection. A tanning bed may be the smartest investment you make towards living a long and healthy life. Just remember, the easiest approach often said about life in general: moderation is the key.  

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